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The Quantum Flooring Solutions RIBA CPD Core Curriculum programme offers architects, specifiers and designers the opportunity to enhance their knowledge on ways to create safe stairways or entrances in Government, Commercial, Public or Shared Accommodation buildings.

These CPDs are now available either in-office, or online.

RIBA CPD Core Curriculum CPDs Available
  • Step on It: Specification of Entrance Matting
  • Step on It: Stairway Safety
  • Detailing Floor Finishes – Specification and Detailing Essentials for Stairs, Ramps and Transitions in Floor Finishes
RIBA CPD Core Curriculum CPD Structure
  • Objectives and Introduction
  • Key legislation and industry standards
  • Examples of best practice
  • How to specify entrance matting / stairways / floor finishes
  • Summing up and Extras
  • About Us
  • The seminar lasts 40-50 minutes including time for a Q and A session and a free lunch
  • All seminars are part of the RIBA CPD Core Curriculum syllabus and earn double CPD points for those attending
  • Certificates are available afterwards, either printed or digitally
Lunch and Learn

Quantum Flooring Solutions’ Lunch and Learn sessions offer the chance to ask questions of industry experts, and handle samples of many types of flooring accessories. Quantum Flooring representatives can talk to you and your colleagues in detail about the topics covered in our RIBA Core Curriculum CPDs.

We can tailor our discussions to fit your requirements. This includes specifying the correct
products for a particular project, or understanding best practice guidelines for entrance matting, transitions, or stair nosings. Whatever your questions or concerns may be, we can provide the answers and solutions.

Next Steps
  • To book one of our RIBA Core Curriculum CPDs, or a Lunch and Learn session at your workplace, please complete the form below.