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Skirtings, Capping Strips & Cove Formers


Cove formers and capping strips are used together. They allow the floorcovering to be continued up the wall at floor to wall junctions. This produces a neat and clean finish which is important in wet and sanitised areas. The cove former profile is installed at the junction between the wall and the floor. This creates a hidden curved support for the floorcovering as it is formed (read more...)


These versatile PVC flat skirtings and buffer strips protect the base of walls and doors in a wide range of internal applications. They are easy and flexible to install and are an alternative to timber skirting. Cleaned regularly, they need no maintenance or painting. They are available in a choice of different sizes and colours. They are hard wearing and when applied to doors, (read more...)


As with all skirtings, flexible PVC set-in skirtings cover up the junction between floor and wall. However, they have the additional feature of being welded to the vinyl or lino flooring material. The sealed join ensures that flexible PVC set-in skirting can be used in areas which are often wet through cleaning, and the weld also inhibits bacterial growth. Flexible PVC set-in (read more...)


Flexible sit-on skirtings offer an easy to fit option to cover the junction between wall and floor. They are installed on top of the floorcovering and are hard wearing. They need little maintenance other than regular cleaning. Generally, sit-on skirtings are used with hard floorcoverings such as vinyl and lino. Typical application areas include schools, offices and public build (read more...)


PVC weld rod seals the join between the foot of set-in skirtings and hard vinyl floorcoverings. The set-in skirting is fitted first and the floorcovering trimmed to a butt joint with the foot of the skirting. The 4mm weld rod is then hot-welded into the join and trimmed to create a permanent seal. This proven system creates a waterproof seam that inhibits bacterial growth, maki (read more...)

The Quantum Flooring Solutions range of PVC flooring accessories provide neat and clean finishes at wall-to-floor junctions. Options include sit-on, set-in and flat skirtings for trims between floors and walls. Cove formers and capping strips enable floorcoverings to be supported and curved up the wall.

Quantum Capping Strips and Cove Formers can be used with the new range of internal and external floor mitres, which simplify the fitting of floorcoverings around internal and external corners.

These PVC accessories are installed extensively with hard floorcoverings in schools, hospitals, and hotels. They reduce the risk of bacteria growth by providing an easy to clean, hygienic finish to floor to wall junctions. Combined with floormitres, they offer a specialised solution to the fitting of wall and floorcoverings in wet rooms.

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