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Q-Range Stair Nosings Sample Box

Quantum Flooring is proud to announce the launch of the new Q-Range Stair Nosings sample box. This box showcases our most highly engineered stair nosings range, which is designed specifically to adhere to all Building Regulations, BS 8300-2:2018 and Equality Act guidelines.

The new sample box contains a small length of each of Quantum’s Q-Range Stair Nosings, along with a swatch of all 25 colours which can be specified with the profiles. It also contains a longer sample of Q-Range DUO, the most specifiable stair nosing on the market.

The idea behind Q-Range is to adhere to all regulatory guidelines. The profiles have an all-over tread to prevent slips, trips and falls, along with a colour range to provide LRV compliance with any floorcovering. Plus, the range has a satin-etched finish as standard, ensuring that they are scratch-resistant and inhibit glare.

Q-Range DUO takes it one step further: it follows all Building Regs, BS 8300 and Equality Act guidelines to the letter, meeting all Best Practice recommendations. The unique DUO design has both a tread and riser in all 25 Q-Range colours, offering a solid colour on both surfaces. This makes the step-edges clearly visible, while also offering great design options. Plus, DUO has a 55mm-by-55mm all-over slip resistant material, ensuring overstep is not a problem.

Quantum’s unique Q-Range Stair Nosings offer the perfect solution to any project. They are suitable for installation in all categories of public, private and commercial buildings. These profiles provide great aesthetic possibilities, while ensuring longevity and durability for step edges. When it comes to superior stair nosings, Q-Range ticks all the boxes.

✅ Quality
✅ Compliance
✅ Safety
✅ Design
✅ Sustainability
✅ Colour

Order your Q-Range Sample Box by emailing [email protected].

Q-Range Sample Box