Use Straight Out of Box

Qwood is a complete ‘out of the box solution’. The moment Qwood arrives it is ready to use. There is no need to extract moisture, treat, acclimatise or condition before using. Qwood removes labour intensive inspection and sorting. Use ‘it all’ straight out of the box; Qwood is consistent – every piece, every time. No knots, no defects, no bends. Qwood is highly resistant to changes in temperature with minimal moisture absorption. Eliminate time consuming manual tasks such as sanding, de-nibbing, machining and preparation that are currently associated with timber beads.

Enhance Production and Processing

Qwood offers the industry a product that improves and enhances the flow of product through the joinery process. Consistently straight, Qwood can be used with traditional joinery tools and its unique properties improve production with no knots or imperfections. Qwood can be:

» Cut, mitred, lap jointed
» Nailed and pinned
» Glued and taped
» Shaped for use on arched or round windows

Qwood reduces processing and has a significant positive effect on production times, storage, sorting and waste.

Minimise Product Waste and Defects

The consistency of Qwood means waste can be drastically reduced as it will not bow, splinter, swell, crack or rot. Meaning only off-cuts will be left over, everything else will be fitted to your window or door. Qwood can also be supplied in a length that best suits your production, subject to quantities, thus helping to further reduce waste. Why not give us a call +44 (0) 161 627 4222 to find out more or click here for samples.

Enhance Finished Product

As you may expect because of the use of wood fibres in Qwood, when finished Qwood looks and feels every bit as good as timber but with added benefits. Qwood has no gaps to fill or knots to cover. The smooth surface without imperfections creates the perfect ‘canvas’ for paint ensuring that the finish achieved is excellent.

Long Term Performance

“How long is your guarantee?” This is a question that all joinery manufacturers get asked on a regular basis. By using Qwood you can eliminate the problems associated with glazing beads, astragal bars and parting beads. Qwood is extremely stable, durable and affected little by temperature or environmental changes. Qwood will not swell, twist, split, rot and there won’t be any knot-bleed. This all means you are able to have peace of mind in the superior long term performance of windows and doors when Qwood profiles are fitted. Potentially never make a remedial visit again to fix a broken, bent or warped bead. Qwood will far out last its timber alternative. Some of the ongoing historical problems with external joinery can be eliminated.


At Qwood we take sustainability seriously and are fully committed to the protection and the improvement of the environment for future generations.

» Qwood is manufactured under an environmental management system accredited to ISO14001
» Waste Qwood is recyclable treduce unnecessary land fil
» The wood fibres used in Qwood are sourced from sustainable forest strands
» Qwood have successfully achieved chain of custody certification from both Forest Stewardship Council ® FSC® and PEFC

Why not give us a call +44 (0) 161 627 4222 to find out more or click here for samples.