Qwood Sourced from Germany – FSC® and PEFC Certified

The recent conflict in Ukraine has raised many issues around supply chains to the UK and Europe. In light of this, Qwood would like to reassure its customers that all timber used in our composite products is sourced from sustainably managed forests in Germany. No part of any Qwood profile is created from timber originating in Russia or Belarus.

Qwood’s FSC® and PEFC certificates are still fully valid due to the German origination of all wood used in our products. We are proud that our timber sources are not only sustainably managed, but also free from the moral ambiguity of supply chains involving conflict zones.

Further to this, the PEFC stated on March 4th that any timber originating from Russia and Belarus is “conflict timber”, and that no PEFC-certified products could include timber from these sources. Similarly, the FSC® pledged on March 8th that no FSC®-certified timber would be permitted from these countries while the Ukraine invasion continues.

At Qwood, we aim for transparency with our customers at all times. We hope that this clarification on Qwood timber origination gives peace of mind to everyone who uses our products.

If you have any further questions about this matter, or any other, please email us at [email protected]


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