Qwood is proud to lead the timber composite market. It does this through continued innovation and constantly striving for excellence. Qwood’s product development team are always looking into ways of improving existing profiles or manufacturing brand new ones. When Qwood creates a completely unique product, it can be necessary to protect it as intellectual property by applying for a patent.

Qwood’s 8mm Clip-in Parting Bead and 20mm Clip-in Staff Bead for sash windows are now patent protected. This is important for Qwood as a market leader. It not only protects the research and innovation of the product department, it also ensures that Qwood’s customers are protected. Low quality copies of Qwood products will not achieve the company’s own exacting standards, and could be costly to joiners in the long-term. Patents such as these prevent this from happening.

If you would to see these unique, patent protected beads for yourself, email [email protected] to request a sample.