New 3-Part Security Bead

Qwood timber composite profiles are perfectly suited to the manufacture of timber doors and windows. The ever-expanding range of Qwood products offer many advantages in door and window joinery. Qwood beads are free of knots and imperfections, and do not rot. They can be machined just like traditional timber, and have the same feel and appearance, both in the workshop and when fitted.

Qwood is delighted to announce that it is releasing a new 3-part Security Bead for timber doors. These profiles have been designed to achieve PAS 24 and Secured by Design standards. They can be fitted onto timber doors, ensuring a high level of protection from forced entry. This new glazing system creates a safe and secure solution for any home.

The new 3-part Security Bead from Qwood comprises an External Door Glazing Bead, an Internal Door Glazing Bead, and an Internal Screw Cover Cap which fits perfectly into the Internal Bead. The classic design of this bead system matches Qwood’s Bolection Mould and it is simple to fit with composite door blanks. It also looks great with the Qwood Rain Deflector, providing a full set of profiles to help make beautiful timber doors.

The glazing unit cannot be pulled out, due to the upstand in the external panel. It also cannot be pushed in, because of heavy fixing with a screw in the interior bead. The screw cover cap on the interior panel is click-in, ensuring that the screws are fully masked, and the joins appear seamless. All of these features add up to a highly secure system, offering peace of mind and superior resistance to criminal activity.

This group of new profiles was developed in partnership with Performance Doorset Solutions (PDS). This allowed Qwood to have invaluable input from woodworking specialists throughout the research and development process. Both Qwood and its customers benefit greatly from its partnerships with joineries. They give the Qwood designers and engineers a specific brief to work from, which means Qwood can manufacture the perfect profile for the job.

Qwood’s 3-part Security Bead is ideal for timber doors. It offers a classic look, with added security. Like all Qwood products, it will not warp or rot over time, and will maintain a great appearance for the lifetime of the door.

To request samples of this new 3-part Security Bead, email [email protected].

QWood 3-Part Security Bead