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Wedge Gasket Bead

How do I glaze a timber window?

Glazing timber windows is an important aspect of window maintenance and it can also add […]

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FSC chain of custody

What does FSC chain of custody mean?

What does FSC chain of custody mean? The Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC®-STD-40-004) is an […]

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QWood 3-Part Security Bead

Developing a 3-Part Security Bead with PDS

Working with PDS Qwood released a 3-part Security Bead in late 2022. This group of […]

Tags: 3-Part Security Bead, Bespoke Profiles, Glazing System, PDS, qwood

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Gowercroft: Manufacturing Timber Windows and Doors with Qwood

Qwood Profiles Machining glazing bars and beads for windows and doors can be very labour-intensive, […]

Tags: gowercroft, qwood, timber composite, timber doors, timber windows

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Qwood Fitting Videos and Fitting Guides

Qwood Sliding Sash Beads Fitting Videos Click here to download fitting guide parting and staff […]

Tags: fitting video, video

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Why do joiners use Qwood

Why do joiners use Qwood?

Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what other joineries have to say about […]

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How do I work with Qwood?

Use Straight Out of Box Qwood is a complete ‘out of the box solution’. The moment Qwood arrives […]

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How do I use Qwood?

Use Qwood in the same way you use timber. That means you can fix Qwood […]

Tags: qwood

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What colours is Qwood available in?

Qwood is supplied in its natural colour for painting. The natural colour of Qwood reflects […]

Tags: paint, qwood

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What security standards can Qwood be used to obtain?

Qwood has been used in timber windows that have achieved the following security standards: BS […]

Tags: qwood, Security

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Where is the wood from in Qwood?

Where is the wood from in Qwood? Do my window beads come from a sustainable […]

Tags: qwood, sustainability

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How fire resistant is Qwood?

Timber beads in fire doors have long been viewed as one of the weakest parts […]

Tags: fire, fire resistant, qwood

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What is a bolection mould?

A bolection mould is a moulding which projects beyond the face of a frame or […]

Tags: bolection mould, qwood, timber doors

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What is Qwood?

Qwood composite timber profiles can be integrated into windows and doors to add beauty and […]

Tags: qwood

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glazing systems

What timber glazing systems are available?

Qwood may offer the perfect glazing system to you for your timber Windows. Both wet […]

Tags: glazing systems, qwood

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How do I increase the life of my timber windows?

The demand for traditional timber windows has recently been revived due to home owners, builders […]

Tags: qwood

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How do I curve QWood beads?

How can you curve QWood beads? QWood beads are timber composite profiles for windows and […]

Tags: curve, qwood

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How do I deal with bent glazing beads?

The beads on my timber window have bent, what should I do? How to solve […]

Tags: glazing bead, qwood

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What is the best clip-in parting bead for sliding sash windows?

Qwoods innovative new parting and staff beads compliment the popular conservation range from Qwood. The use […]

Tags: clip-in, parting bead, qwood

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How do I paint Qwood?

The highly smooth surface finish of Qwood gives an immaculate painted finish. There are a […]

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What is the finish on Qwood in a timber window like?

Once Qwood is fitted to a timber window it is impossible to tell the difference between a […]

Tags: finish, paint, qwood

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