Gowercroft Joinery




Gowercroft designs, manufactures and installs high quality bespoke joinery products for internal and external applications. The company is proud of having built an enviable reputation for the manufacture of quality joinery products for private housing domestic customers, and for commercial and one-off projects.

Before beginning to use Qwood in August 2015, the manufacturing process was to leave a 1mm gap for beads in case of expansion. This unpredictability meant aconsistent level of quality was hard to achieve, and took many more hours in the fitting up area to get it right.

Gowercroft has also begun to use laminated timber and the saving of waste meant there were fewer offcuts left from which to make beads.


Working closely with QPSL, bespoke Qwood beads were created for Gowercroft. These beads should further reduce issues with the expansion and warping of beading on fitted windows, and lead to a reduction in remedial work. It also closes the 1mm gaps and ensures the Gowercroft product looks as traditional as possible.

Qwood can be worked with standard tools and machinery so the products have slotted into Gowercroft’s processes with ease. Qwood beads have a similar materials cost to the Accoya beads previously used, but offer a considerable labour saving. Qwood beads have removed part of the painting process which saves time and money. Due to Qwood’s Lean manufacturing processes and quick delivery, Gowercroft has peace of mind that they can have what they need, delivered when they need it and they do not need to hold costly inventory.