Douglas and Peters

Small Developers to National Builders Merchants

Direct Customer


Douglas and Peters is a traditional timber window and door manufacturer. It has over 100 years’ combined experience of manufacturing joinery products. Douglas and Peters creates bespoke timber windows and doors, crafting each piece according to the exact specifications of each customer. The proprietors strongly believe in the benefits of timber over uPVC due to its ‘natural beauty’ and long life span. They sell their doors and windows to small developers and Independent Builders Merchants, as well as National Builders Merchants.


Despite the preference Douglas and Peters has for real timber, it exclusively uses Qwood’s timber composite products for the bars and beads on the windows and doors it manufactures. Andrew Douglas, one of the founders of the company, says that the reason for using Qwood products is “performance coupled with appearance”. All of the Glazing Beads, Bonded Bars, and Staff and Parting Beads the company uses are Qwood products. The company has also started using the Qwood Rain Deflector profile which was released in 2018, and was selected as a finalist for the 2018 Elements of Innovation award at the W Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. 


All Qwood products are unique timber composite profiles, which Douglas and Peters prefers to traditional timber bars and beads. Quite simply, as Andrew Douglas says, all Qwood profiles offer “high end quality and performance”. They do not rot or warp like timber, and they have no knots or imperfections. This means that cutting them is even easier than with timber, and therefore there is little waste in comparison. The profiles can also be cut and drilled with all traditional timber tools, and painted just like natural timber. And because Qwood profiles do not twist, swell or warp like natural wood, Douglas and Peters saves the time and money that can be spent returning to sites for repairs. Douglas and Peters decided that Qwood made sense for the company. Compared to traditional timber profiles, Andrew Douglas says simply that Qwood profiles are “better”.