David Salisbury



David Salisbury Orangery Showroom – The Chelsea Gardener, Sydney Street, London

David Salisbury

David Salisbury design and manufacture bespoke glass and timber extensions, specialising in bespoke orangeries and conservatories. The company employs designers from a wealth of backgrounds and with years of experience in the industry.

The business was founded over 35 years ago by David Salisbury and the same ethos of quality, innovation and investment in manufacturing excellence continues to this day. In parallel with unprecedented levels of demand since the start of the pandemic, the company has also commenced the most extensive machinery investment programme in its history.

David Salisbury uses only the finest quality timber and materials in every building it constructs. They build for aesthetics, quality, and longevity. This is why the only timber composite David Salisbury use for their glazing beads is Qwood.


Qwood bars and beads reflect the natural appearance and feel of timber. They can be easily cut, using all traditional woodworking tools and machines. Plus, they also have several advantages over traditional timber.

Qwood pieces are always straight – there are no warps, whorls or imperfections. The ready-made bars and beads ensure that your time is not wasted on non-value-adding work. Qwood does not have to be treated or prepared, you can use it straight from the box. And there is no wastage because you can use every piece, every time.

Qwood is an ideal long-term solution. It will not swell, crack or rot over time. It is durable, and resistant to temperature or environmental changes. This means that it will outlast its timber alternatives. Plus, at the end of its product life, it can be recycled.

The Showroom

The David Salisbury Orangery Showroom is a central focal point within The Chelsea Gardener retail complex and is also available to hire as a venue. Furthermore, David Salisbury regularly hosts business networking evenings within the orangery, bringing together architects, specifiers and construction and property industry professionals.

The orangery showroom is a great example of how Qwood can be utilised to concentrate on other value-adding aspects of woodworking and design. The time saved from cutting, sanding, and finessing simple glazing beads allowed David Salisbury to concentrate on other aspects of their showroom, such as the exquisite hand-carved columns and the magnificent central dome, which allows a flood of light into this traditional freestanding orangery design.

The David Salisbury Orangery Showroom demonstrates how Qwood can be used in conjunction with top-end joinery to achieve outstanding results. David Salisbury know that, with Qwood glazing beads, the showroom will continue to be an outstanding venue for many years to come.