The products of Quantum Profile Systems Ltd (QPSL) have been nominated for several awards. These include the Elements of Innovation award and the EEF Business Efficiency Award.

BWF members day

British Woodworking Federation

The BWF is a business support organisation. They offer advice, support and wood industry information to their 700 members as well as guidance for customers who use, or specify, our members\' products and services.

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Wood Window Alliance

Not all wood windows are made to the same standards. That’s why the WWA was formed, to drive high standards in the timber window industry.

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EEF 2015 Business Innovation Awards

EEF 2015 Business Innovation Awards. North West Regional runner-up in the Business Efficiency category with the QSMS app.


2016 & 2018 Elements of Innovation

2016 & 2018 Elements of Innovation. Finalist with Qwood staff & parting beads and the Qwood rain deflector.

DOWNLOAD: Elements of Innovation Award 2016
DOWNLOAD: Elements of Innovation Award 2018