10 Million Metres of Qwood

Qwood is delighted to announce that the 10 millionth metre of our profiles was recently sold. Taunton Joinery were the buyers who took us past this momentous mark. Tim Hayes, Specification and Marketing Manager at Qwood, presented a special certificate celebrating the milestone to Jamie Stewart, the Managing Director of Taunton Joinery.

Qwood’s unique bars and beads offer enhanced long-term performance to leading timber door and window joineries in the UK and around Europe. Our profiles do not rot or warp over time, and should maintain the same great appearance for the lifetime of the door or window. Qwood can be cut and painted like traditional timber, and has the same look and feel, but our products can be used straight from the box, removing many of the time-consuming aspects of traditional bar and bead production.

Everybody at Qwood is very proud of reaching 10 million metres of bars and beads sold. We would like to send out a big thank you to all the joineries which have helped us to reach this landmark achievement. Here’s to the next 10 million metres!

Qwood 10 million metres