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Training Schools

Quantum Flooring is proud to support various training schools and organisations for apprentice flooring fitters. The industry needs a constant replenishment of new flooring professionals, and these schools and training centres are dedicated to the education of entry-level and intermediate students of the trade.

We provide Quantum products such as stair nosings, capping strips and cove formers, and skirtings to these schools. They are used to teach the next generation of flooring contractors and fitters how to fit flooring accessories, a vital component of the job. The training schools and organisations which Quantum donates materials to includes:



Quantum is also a sponsor of the Contract Flooring Association’s Future Fitters scheme. This is a broad-reaching plan, with the overall aim of recruiting more flooring professionals. It involves identifying the factors that have resulted in an ongoing deficit of qualified flooring fitters, and finding creative solutions to these issues. The CFA’s research on the industry’s recruitment problems, and the implementation of their solutions, will hopefully continue to have a positive effect on flooring in the UK.

In addition, Quantum sponsors the CFA’s Flooring Apprentice of the Year. This competition aims to be an incentive to those new to the industry, encouraging them to demonstrate the skills they have learnt so far in the trade. These could be school-leavers, or those coming into the flooring industry from other sectors. The most recent Apprentice of the Year in 2023 is Mike Waldron, who retrained as a floor fitter after working in the corporate sector.

Ultimately, the greater the number of well-trained and skilled professionals in the flooring industry, the better it is for the health of the sector as a whole. Quantum is happy to help in whatever way we can to encourage the education and enhancements of the skills of students in the flooring trade. The future of the industry depends on the next generation of fitters, and we are glad to be in a position to support the people who train them.

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