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EcoGlo is Quantum’s innovative solution to stair safety. It is a unique photoluminescent tread material which can be used with most Quantum stair nosings. Ecoglo (Eglo 31, 32, 35, 51, 52, 55) illuminates step edges in reduced light, aiding safety in cases of emergency. It is also extremely useful for low-light venues, such as cinemas or theatres, and is available in a range of colours and styles.

EcoGlo is recharged through exposure to either artificial or natural light, so it is a great option for both internal and external use. It is also UV resistant, so the photoluminescent tread will not fade or dull over time. Just 30 minutes of charge results in over 7 hours of visibility, providing excellent step edge contrast. EcoGlo is also highly slip resistant. The photoluminescent strip is combined with a silicon carbide band, ensuring that the stair nosings are safe and durable.

These attributes make EcoGlo the perfect installation for emergency situations. Post-Grenfell Tower, there has been a realisation that emergency lighting can and does fail, just when it is needed. EcoGlo can guide people to the exits even when power is down, in as safe a way as possible. It is effective in all light conditions and helps to reduce slips, trips and falls, complying with all health and safety requirements.

EcoGlo has been installed around the world in many highly prestigious projects. It is known for its superb performance and durability. The combination of high visibility in low-light conditions and great slip resistance makes it ideal as a fail-safe in case of emergencies. It can also be a cost effective, low maintenance solution for darker venues or outdoor staircases.

Quantum’s EcoGlo stair nosings represent the cutting edge of photoluminescent technology. To request a sample, or if you have any questions for the Quantum team, email [email protected].