LRV Colour Calculator

The recommended Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of a Stair Nosing colour (tread and/or channel) can be found from the guidelines in Building Regulation Documents K & M, British Standards BS8300, BS9266 and BS5395.

The colour of the Stair Nosing is required to differ from that of the floorcovering on the stairs. Every colour has a LRV between 0 (Black) and 100 (White). There should be at least 30 points difference between the Stair Nosing LRV and the floorcovering LRV, e.g. If the floorcovering has a LRV of 50, then the Stair Nosing should have a LRV of between 0–20 or 80–100. This creates a ‘ladder effect’ which helps the partially sighted when ascending or descending stairs. The Quantum Flooring Solutions range of tread and channel (uPVC) colours have LRVs, ranging from 5 to 81.

Enter the LRV number of your floorcovering into the LRV calculator below to find out which Quantum Flooring Solutions’ tread colours will meet with Building Regulations gudelines.