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Email us: [email protected]

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Groundwork Sustainable Business Silver Member

Groundwork is a collection of charities which are committed to environmental and community-based projects. Established in North West England in 1981, Groundwork now operates around the UK and overseas.

Quantum Profile Systems Ltd is proud to have been recognised as a Silver Level organisation as part of Groundwork’s Sustainable Business Membership scheme. As a company, QPSL is continually working to reduce its carbon emissions, and improve its general environmental performance. Groundwork has been helpful in identifying the areas in which sustainable practices can be enacted throughout the company.

Recent implementation of carbon reducing schemes and successes in the company include:

  • Installation of photovoltaics (solar panels) on the roof of the factory and office
  • LED lighting installed site-wide
  • Ageing machinery replaced by energy efficient models
  • Relocation of chillers to optimal place on-site
  • Migrating the company car fleet towards electric vehicles
  • Reduction of process waste to under 1%

With the help of Groundwork, QPSL has started its journey towards a low carbon future. As Groundwork says, this Silver membership indicates that “Quantum Profile Systems Ltd. are actively implementing and demonstrating practices that lay the foundations for strong sustainability performance.”

You can read more about QPSL’s sustainability initiatives here, or view its Carbon Reduction Roadmap here.

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