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The TopClip range from Quantum Flooring Solutions offers a flexible flooring transition system for installation in contract and domestic locations. The range includes bases and top trim profiles that create a neat, safe and durable junction between adjacent floor finishes. The different sizes of bases and tops allow for almost all floorcovering thicknesses to be accommodated by this flexible flooring transition . The tops are available in 24 different colours to compliment any design scheme. With this versatile system, all tops fit all bases to create a transition trim suitable for most floorcovering junctions. The slip resistant tops are easy to clip-in and fit on site. When used with a uPVC base most of the tops can be curved on-site with gentle heat applied from a hot-air gun.*

TopClip is a two-piece product allowing design flexibility in all commercial and public projects, including hospitals and schools.  Tops are uPVC and can be replaced so that the colour can be altered as part of a refurbishment programme, or if a worn or damaged section needs to be changed, without renewing the base or disrupting the fitted floorcovering. 

*Please note: The QTC60R top cannot be curved on-site.