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Email us: [email protected]

Call us: +44 161 627 4222

Coronation Special Promotion

To celebrate the coronation of the new King, Charles III, Quantum Flooring is launching a special promotion. Throughout May and June, we will be putting scratch cards in every box of coiled PVC flooring accessories that we send out, with vouchers for free breakfasts to be won instantly.

There are 1000 winning cards out there, with 1 in 3 coiled PVC boxes containing a winner. Both the fitter and the distributor win a £5 breakfast voucher for each winning card. So, whether you’re buying or selling Quantum PVC, the odds are good!

If you want to have breakfast on Quantum, simply scratch your card to check if you’ve won. If you have, go to and enter your unique code, along with your email address and the distributor you bought the Quantum coiled PVC from.

This is an instant win promotion, so we’ll send you the e-voucher on the day you enter your code. The next day, your breakfast is covered. Good luck, and enjoy your meals!

Already got a code? Enter it at for your chance of £5 breakfast voucher.

Coronation Special