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Customer: Wath Academy, Rotherham
Contractor: Arc Business Interiors
Distributor: Mercados


Q-Fix Adhesive

Q-Range QR-HF1

The Project

Wath Academy is a secondary school in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. It was founded in 1923, and has around 1,900 pupils between the ages of 11 and 18 today. This puts it in the top 25 largest schools in England.

Arc Business Interiors were approached to undertake a refurbishment of Wath Academy. Part of this project involved replacing existing stair nosings in the school. Due to the large number of staff and pupils, the new stair nosings needed to be durable and slip resistant, and they would have to adhere to Building Regulations, BS 8300-2:2018 and Equality Act guidelines.

For the safety of those working and studying in the Academy, the stair nosings would have to clearly mark the edge of the steps, with a tread measuring between 50mm-65mm, and a riser between 30mm-55mm. They needed to have a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) difference of 30 points from the floorcovering to help create a “ladder effect”. Plus, they had to have attained a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of at least 36 to indicate slip resistance.

The Approach

Arc Business Interiors contacted Quantum Flooring Solutions to find a suitable stair nosing for the project. Quantum recommended QR-HF1 Stair Nosings with polar grey inserts. QR-HF1 are heavy duty profiles, and are manufactured to be fitted with carpet or carpet tile. They are part of from the Q-Range Stair Nosing collection.

Q-Range Stair Nosings are designed specifically to adhere to Building Regulations parts K and M when specified with polar grey inserts. QR-HF1 has a 55mm tread and a 39mm riser, with an all-over tread which reaches from the front edge of the step right to the back of the profile, minimising the potential for slips, trips and falls. The satin-anodised riser inhibits glare, which can otherwise cause issues with peoples’ vision when ascending staircases.

The tread material on QR-HF1 has a PTV of over 36 in both dry and wet conditions, ensuring that slips, trips and falls are minimised. The LRV of the polar grey tread is 49, contrasting well with the dark carpet on the steps, and creating a clear ladder effect to assist in the safe usage of the stairs.

The Outcome

Arc Business Interiors were involved in the Wath Academy refurb from the design stage to the fitting process. With help from Quantum, they have made the school safer for staff and pupils for many years to come. The QR-HF1 Stair Nosings comply with all relevant Building Regulations, BS 8300, and Equality Act guidelines. The profiles were fitted using Q-Fix adhesive, ensuring a strong bond with the steps with no need for mechanical fixing.

Quantum’s QR-HF1 Stair Nosings are ideal for Wath Academy. They look great, and help to minimise slips, trips and falls. As Rachel Buttarazzi from Arc Business Interiors says: “The Q-Range polar grey tread with satin-anodised riser really highlights the edge of the step and it looks fantastic. It also gives extra grip with the all-over tread.”

Arc Business Interiors, working with Quantum Flooring Solutions, have helped to ensure the safety of the stairs at Wath Academy, along with a design which fits in with the professional décor of the school.

This project won the Safety Improvement category in Quantum’s Q-Awards, September 2022. Read more about the Q-Awards here.


Q-FIX Stair Nosing Adhesive

Q-Range QR-HF1