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Quantum Matting creates a safe and clean entrance at one of the busiest Motorway Service Stations in the country – in double quick time!


The Problem

The Toddington Moto Motorway Services on the M1 is one of the busiest stops for travelling motorists in the country. The footfall into the north and southbound premises is tremendous throughout every 24 hour period. It never stops. With such intense exposure, the matting in the entrance to the southbound section had become seriously worn and ineffective. A clean environment on entering the building is crucial, since transferred soil and dirt can easily become a slip hazard if not dealt with properly. The problem faced by the Moto maintenance personnel was how to replace the matting without closing the services – which was not even an option!


The Requirement

The Moto maintenance personnel contacted Sheffield based Fraser Burnand of Sheffield Flooring Ltd. A flooring contractor know for quality installation work for group companies throughout the UK. He established that due to the nature of the site, installation access time was extremely limited. The 24 hour needs of the travelling public dictated that uplifting the old and replacing it with new matting would have to be done quickly and without the site being closed. Also, to meet health and safety standards Fraser Burnand established that, a quality primary entrance matting that would accept wheelchair and caster trolley traffic, was required. Not only this, it would also have to be a matting system that could be delivered on time and installed with the minimum of inconvenience.


The Solution

Fraser Burnand called for the free QSMS measure service. A Quantum Matting surveyor was on site within 24 hours, and the 22.5 sq. m area was measured-up during working hours. The Quantum 17 mm Connect Matting System (with anthracite inserts) was recommended. This was then ordered and delivered to site within 10 working days. This was all carefully coordinated with the Sheffield Flooring installation team, so that disruption to the service station users was kept to an absolute minimum during a night time installation. The accurately measured Quantum Matting fitted straight into the existing matwell, which minimised the need for any on-site trimming and ensured that by the time daybreak came… the job was done.


The Conclusion

The Toddington Moto Motorway Service Station got a replacement entrance matting installed that was ‘fit for purpose’. Namely it was safe, reduced the risk of a slip, trip or fall, and helped prevent the ingress of moisture and dirt into the building. It now protects the internal floor surfaces of the Service Station’s main southbound building from damage and helps keep the flooring used by the travelling public as safe as possible.

Sheffield Flooring Ltd was backed up by the Quantum Matting service that measured and delivered a quality product on-time and to the right specification.

No hassle – job done!