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Hadrian’s Tower


Monument Flooring




The Project

Hadrian’s Tower is the tallest building in Newcastle at 82 metres high. Located in the heart of the city, it is a residential skyscraper with 162 luxury apartments. The tower has 26 storeys, and incorporates a champagne lounge and a coffee house among other communal spaces.

The construction of Hadrian’s Tower began in 2018. Monument Flooring was chosen as the flooring contractor for the project. Part of this involved fitting stair nosings on 490 of the steps in the tower. They would need to comply with Building Regulations and health and safety guidance.

This means the stair nosings would have to minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls. They would need to offer a clear contrast between the steps and the step edges. They also needed to be durable enough to deal with the large amount of residents, along with the many prospective visitors to the skyscraper.

The Approach

Monument Flooring contacted Quantum Flooring to discuss which stair nosings to use for Hadrian’s Tower. The new Q-Range DUO was chosen as the best fit for the project. These stair nosings have a tread colour the same as the riser, allowing for a solid colour over the whole profile, which is recommended as best practice.

Q-Range DUO is ideal for specification, as it measures 55mm by 55mm on the tread and the riser. This complies with the Equality Act, Part M and Part K of Building Regulations, and BS8300:2. Like all Q-Range profiles, it uses a slip resistant tread material. It also has an all-over tread design, which reduces the risk of slips and falls.

Q-Range Duo is available in three versions, for use with different types of floorcovering. For this project, the QRd-SF153R was selected. This is a slimline profile, for use with a thin floorcovering, or with bare floors. It has a ramped back which minimises the possibility of people tripping up.

The Outcome

Monument Flooring fitted the Q-Range DUO stair nosings using Q-Fix cartridge adhesive. Q-Fix forms a strong and durable bond between Quantum stair nosings and practically any flooring. This meant that they could be fitted quickly and easily, with no need for mechanical fixing.

A black tread and riser was used on the Q-Range DUO profiles. This contrasts well with the light flooring, ensuring that the step edges are clearly defined, and adhering to the Equality Act and other guidelines. The solid black of the stair nosings also fits in perfectly with the sophisticated décor of Hadrian’s Tower.

Quantum’s Q-Range DUO stair nosings are perfect for Hadrian’s Tower. They offer a stylish look, with all the usual safety features of Quantum’s products. The tower’s residents can rest assured they will be as safe as possible on its staircases.