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Asprey House – Orphanage Road, Wylde Green


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Asprey House is the site of Asprey Court Care Home. This is a purpose-built luxury care and nursing home situated in the town of Sutton Coldfield in near Birmingham.

The care home needed to refurbish three large staircases inside the building. BAC Flooring is a Sutton Coldfield based flooring contractor with over 24 years of flooring experience, who was tasked with replacing the carpeting on the staircases and installing 183 new stair nosings on the steps. The stair nosings had to meet all Health and Safety guidelines. These include a clear identification of each step and the provision of slip resistant treads to minimise the risk of a slip, trip or fall by any of the residents of the care home.


BAC Flooring contacted Quantum Flooring Solutions, and requested the free QSMS measuring service. This guaranteed that, within 24 hours, a Quantum Flooring Solutions’ surveyor visited the site. He measured all 183 of the steps on the 3 three staircases. The surveyor suggested that the ideal stair nosings for the job would be Quantum’s ZHF1 profile with polar grey PVC treads. The ZHF1 profile has a square front and is a heavy-duty profile with a thick gauge. Using this profile would ensure that the stair nosing fitted well both on the right angled step edges and with the carpeting on the staircases. The polar grey tread material would also provide an LRV difference of at least 30 points between the treads and the carpet, as required by Building Regulation guidelines.


Quantum Flooring Solutions measured, and through a local distributor, cut the stair nosings were cut to size for all three staircases. As usual most of the steps had slightly differing lengths. So, the stair nosings were automatically numbered by the QSMS system to ensure easy installation. After the stair nosings had been cut to size, they were ‘secret fix drilled’. This meant that on site BAC Flooring could fix the aluminium stair nosings to the floor before attaching the treads infills to the stair nosing channel. This way there was no sign of the screw fixing of the stair nosings being fixed to the step edges; avoiding the need for plugs in the treads to cover the drill holes.

The competitive pricing of Quantum Flooring Solution’s Z-Range profiles ensured that Asprey House got great value for money, along with a high-quality product that did the job with safety in mind.