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Jennifer Suzanne Alekna


G Harding Flooring


HF1 Stair Nosings

The Project

G Harding Flooring are nationwide flooring contractors. The company specialises in bespoke designs and installations. It has worked with some of the UK’s largest brands, in all sectors from hospitality to healthcare.

G Harding Flooring were hired by a client who wanted the stair nosings on their staircase to complement the company’s branded colour scheme. This would mean using different coloured tread materials on each individual step.

The stair nosings would need to comply with Building Regulations in all regards. This would include the physical safety of the profiles themselves, as well as ensuring that the colouration provided a clear marker for where each step edge began.

The Approach

Jennifer Suzanne Alekna, a G Harding Flooring collaborator, was in charge of the design aspect of the project. She identified that, in order to incorporate the colours of the client’s branding, Quantum Flooring’s wide range of tread colours would be ideal for the job.

White tread material was used for the middle of the stair nosings, while four other colours were used for a small area of tread on each side, alternating the colour for each step. For the sides, Quantum’s brand new mist colour was selected, along with sky, royal blue, and dark blue. Between them, the five colours represented between 11 and 81 on the LRV range.

A Quantum representative visited the site to measure the steps, using the free QSMS electronic measuring service. The QSMS guarantees that the steps on a staircase will be accurately measured within 48 hours of a request, anywhere in the UK. For this bespoke design, measurements were made to incorporate the three separate areas of tread on each step.

The Outcome

Quantum’s stair nosings look great in the client’s building. The colours perfectly match the rest of the décor, and the carpet that was also fitted. The wide range of tread colours offered by Quantum meant that it was simple to find four colours to represent the client’s branded colour scheme. Meanwhile, the white tread in the middle of the stair nosings contrasts well with the carpet, making each step edge clear..

The HF1 stair nosings fit perfectly on the staircase. The thick gauge minimises the chance of trips or falls, matching the thickness of the carpeting. Meanwhile, Quantum’s tread material with its excellent slip resistance helps the steps to comply with all Building Regulations and British Standards.

The stair nosings were fitted to the steps using Q-Fix adhesive. The bond is so strong with Q-Fix that no mechanical fixing was needed. A strong and durable bond ensures that the stair nosings will stay firmly in place for many years to come.

The unique and innovative design of these stair nosings is the kind of project that G Harding Flooring excels at. Quantum’s excellent profile range offered the opportunity to realise the potential of the design.