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The Project

The Straumann Group is a global leader in tooth replacement solutions, and corrective and aesthetic dentistry. It is based in Basel, Switzerland but employs over 6000 people worldwide. The Head Office for Straumann UK is at 3 Pegasus Place in Crawley.

3 Pegasus Place needed a new matting system for its main front lobby area, as the existing mat was breaking down due to wear and tear. The matting was required to comply with Health and Safety regulations, to prevent slip and trip hazards especially in wet weather. The matting also needed to prevent damage to the main floor from grit and dirt brought in from outside.

The matting would have to be wheelchair and caster friendly for ease of use for any disabled visitors to the building. The work needed to be completed as quickly as possible due to the nature of the building, to minimise Health and Safety issues.

The Approach

The Straumann Group approached Mid Sussex Flooring, a flooring contractor, to install a new matting system. Mid Sussex Flooring contacted Quantum Flooring Solutions to discuss using one of its many matting systems.

It was decided that the 17mm Quantum Grid Matting System with textile inserts would be ideal for 3 Pegasus Place. This closed matting system is perfect for the inside of office lobbies, as it is excellent at preventing dirt and moisture from entering buildings. This reduces the potential for slips in the main flooring area, while protecting the floor itself and reducing the costs of repairing and replacing floorcoverings.

The Quantum Grid Matting System also provides easy access for people using wheelchairs or casters. The closed system ensures that there is no chance of wheels becoming caught in a groove or recess.

The Outcome

Mid Sussex Flooring were able to fit the Quantum Grid Matting System with the minimum of fuss. This was great news for the busy workers of Straumann UK headquarters. The new matting fits perfectly into the matwell, helping to prevent any trips in the entrance of the building.

The anthracite colour textile inserts look very professional, while removing the majority of moisture and dirt from shoes and wheels. This protects the flooring in the lobby area of 3 Pegasus Place, and helps to prevent slips and falls for employees and visitors.

Quantum’s Grid Matting System will help to keep the Head Office of Straumann UK safe for people to visit for many years to come.