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Quantum’s Supply and Fit Matting Service is the Choice for Health and Safety

The Project

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the North West is based out of Redgrave Court in Bootle. Redgrave Court is the headquarters for the HSE, with 2000 people working in the building. Such a busy workplace needs safe and quality matting, and the HSE were looking for an upgrade. 90 sqm of matting needed to be replaced, both on the outside and inside of the building’s entrances.

The Approach

Quantum Flooring Solution’s Supply and Fit Service is great for a project like this. The HSE building is open 24/7, so any time spent measuring and fitting the matting had to be kept to a minimum. After being contacted by Bramhall Flooring, the flooring contractor, Quantum’s Matting Technicians Dave and Simon measured up the matwells on an evening and made templates. This meant that the matting itself could be cut to the exact size away from site.

This was a large project, which was where Quantum’s Supply and Fit Service really came into play. The matting was cut to the precise measurements of the templates before being brought to the HSE building. All 90sqm of the matting was ready to be fitted straight into the matwells after the previous matting was removed. This meant that the whole of the matting systems could be fitted over one weekend.

The Solution

For this project, Dave and Simon used 17mm Quantum Connect Matting. As the matting was both external and internal, two different types of inserts were needed. For the outside, sturdy ribbed rubber inserts were used. These are designed to remove all of the detritus which shoes and wheelchairs can pick up. These are things such as leaves, cigarette butts, and even chewing gum.

Textile inserts were used for the inside matting, in anthracite grey colouring. The textile inserts are designed to mitigate moisture and collect any smaller pieces of dirt that weren’t removed by the external matting.

Quantum’s Supply and Fit Service meant that the matting for HSE’s North West Headquarters was ready to use just 7 days after Bramhall Flooring contacted Quantum. With an average turn around of 7 to 10 working days, Supply and Fit is a service that works for flooring contractors, and for the customer.