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Sutton Library – Red Rose Centre, Sutton Coldfield






Quantum Flooring Solutions – more bang for your books!


Sutton Library is a vibrant community hub in the heart of Sutton Coldfield. It caters to people of all ages, with a café and soft play area alongside the books.

The library was being renovated after a huge public campaign to keep the building as a community space. Sutton Town Council, funding the refurbishment in collaboration with other parties, was on a tight budget. Therefore it was essential that all the work that was done was cost effective. The library also had to be as safe as possible for the local visitors and staff. Top Mark Flooring, a flooring contractor with 100 years of experience between the three partners of the firm, was contracted for the job. As part of this they needed to fit stair nosings on the 90 steps in the library.


Top Mark Flooring needed a prompt service, and stair nosings that would be both simple to affix and good value for the client. They contacted Quantum Flooring Solutions and, using the free QSMS measuring service, a surveyor came to measure the steps within the next 24 hours. He recommended the stair nosing profile ZF125R. This profile has a square front and a low ramped back to minimise the risk of slip or trip hazards when fitted on the wood panel staircases of the library. The surveyor chose a tread colour with an LRV contrast of 30 points with the staircase, so that each step nose would be clearly marked and differentiated from the rest of the step.


The step sizes were transmitted electronically, and Top Mark Flooring got a copy of the detailed measure. The local flooring distributor also received a copy so that the stair nosings could be cut and drilled, ready for installation, as quickly as possible. Each cut length was numbered for the respective step from top to bottom. This meant the stair nosings could be fitted onto the library staircases with no issues. The ZF125R profile was easy to fix to the right-angled steps because of the square front on the nosings. The profile also has a slim gauge and a ramp at the back, and these features, along with Quantum Flooring Solutions’ slip-resistant tread, decrease the chances of slips, trips or falls on the stairs in the library.

Sutton Library got vital value for money by choosing to use a profile from Quantum Floorings Solutions’ Z-Range. Top Mark Flooring got peace of mind, knowing that they decided on a top-quality safety product for their stair nosings.