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Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf


Status Flooring



PROJECT SPECIFICATION DETAILS >> Q-Fix Adhesive >> SF160R Stair Nosing >> Ecoglo 34 inserts

The Project

Smugglers Cove Adventure Golf is a tourist attraction at Bournemouth Beach. The 18 hole course is part of Bournemouth’s famous seafront, which has over 7 million visitors per year. For safety purposes, it was necessary to fit Stair Nosings onto a fire exit staircase at the site.

The installation would have to comply with all of the health and safety guidelines in British Standards 8300 Part 2 (BS8300-2). This meant that the Stair Nosings needed to have good slip resistance, and be highly durable. They would also have to have great visibility, to differentiate the step edge from the rest of the step in the event of an emergency.

The staircase material was metal checker plates, which helps with general grip. This meant that the Stair Nosings could not be mechanically fixed, and would instead have to be stuck to the steps with a highly effective adhesive.

The Approach

Status Flooring, a specialist flooring contractor based in Poole, were employed to fix Stair Nosings on to the emergency staircase. Status Flooring got in touch with Quantum Flooring Solutions to discuss options. It was decided that Quantum’s slimline SF160R Stair Nosings with yellow Ecoglo tread material would be the best fit for the job.

Ecoglo is Quantum’s unique photoluminescent tread material for Stair Nosings. It provides 24 hour visibility, illuminating the step edge to help reduce slips, trips and falls. The tread is recharged through exposure to both natural and artificial light, while being UV resistant to help prevent dimming of the material over time. Ecoglo is also very durable, with high slip resistance for extra safety.

Quantum’s cartridge adhesive, Q-Fix, would be used to attach the Stair Nosings to the steps. Q-Fix has excellent adhesion properties, ensuring a strong and durable waterproof bond between Quantum Stair Nosings and almost any step surface.

The Outcome

Status Flooring fitted Quantum’s SF160R Stair Nosings with the minimum of fuss. The slimline profiles fit perfectly onto the metal steps, with the ramped back of the Stair Nosings helping to prevent any trips on the staircase. The slip resistant tread also helps to keep people safe, and ensure that the installation complies with all BS8300-2 health and safety guidelines.

The yellow Ecoglo tread material makes the step edges highly visible at all times. Ecoglo was also affixed to the risers on the staircase, making the Stair Nosings easy to see whether ascending or descending. The photoluminescent tread is charged by sunlight throughout the day, so the steps are simple to use, even at night.

Q-Fix adhesive formed a strong bond between the Stair Nosings and the metal steps, minimising the possibility of slippage or detachment. This helps to ensure that, when the steps are needed, all staff and visitors to Smugglers Cove can navigate the staircase confidently.

Quantum’s Stair Nosings are ideal for the fire exit steps. They are helping to keep staff and visitors to Smugglers Cove safe whenever they are needed, now and in the future.


Q-FIX Stair Nosing Adhesive