The Challenge

Oakdene Forest Park is a beautiful holiday destination in St Leonards in Dorset, which is run by Shorefield Holidays. The park is peaceful and family-friendly, with a range of activities available both on- and off-site and accommodation to suit a variety of tastes.

Shorefield Holidays had identified the need for new matting in the main front lobby area of the park. This was because the old matting had broken down due to age, and wear and tear. Oakdene Forest Park has many outdoor activities on-site, with forests and sandy beaches nearby. This meant that any matting for the lobby would have to be able to deal with grit and dirt of many kinds to protect the slate tile flooring in the rest of the lobby. The matting would also be required to be hard wearing, and to meet all the guidelines of the Health and Safety Executive. This included minimising slip and trip hazards, especially in wet weather conditions. In addition to this, all work had to be done out of hours so as not to cause any health and safety issues.

The Solution

Oakdene Park’s Inhouse Facilities Management Team contacted Quantum Flooring Solutions. Using the free QSMS measuring service, within 24 hours a surveyor had been to the site and gathered the dimensions needed for the new matting. This was done in the evening to avoid disruption in the park’s lobby. The surveyor identified the 17mm Quantum Grid Matting system as the ideal solution for the entrance matting. This sturdy, grid locked matting can be filled with Rubber Rib, Needle Punch or Coral Classic textile inserts. For this job it was decided that anthracite coloured textile inserts were the best option. These would help prevent dirt and moisture from getting into the lobby itself, and the colour would complement the slate tile flooring around and beyond the matting.

The Outcome

The Quantum Grid Matting was cut to size according to the surveyor’s measurements, using Quantum Flooring Solutions’ Supply and Fit Service. This meant that the 14sqm matting was cut off-site to the exact size needed. The matting was then easily fitted in the Oakdene Forest Park lobby area. This was done out of hours to avoid health and safety issues and disruption to staff and visitors. The matting meets all health and safety standards, helping to minimise slip and trip hazards in the lobby. It also helps to keep the areas beyond the matting as clean as possible. It is wheelchair and caster friendly which caters to any disabled visitors.

By choosing Quantum Grid Matting for their main lobby, the Oakdene Park Facilities Management team got a thorough and highly professional service from Quantum Flooring Solutions. With a five-year warranty, they also got a guarantee of high performance and durability with Quantum Grid Matting for many years to come.


Q-Grid Entrance Matting