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Loughborough College, Leicestershire

The Project

Loughborough College provides a range of courses in further education, along with apprenticeships and professional qualifications. It is based on one of the largest student campuses in Europe, sharing the area with Loughborough University. Over 2000 students attend the college, with some living in adjacent halls of residence.

The college staircases needed to be refurbished. The flooring was previously terrazzo, and this was to be changed to a rubber flooring. This was suitable in terms of durability and slip resistance for the large amount of people on the campus. To complement the flooring, the stair nosings had to be equally hard-wearing and safe.

The stair nosings needed to adhere to all Building Regulations guidelines, along with BS8300:2-2018 and the Equality Act. This meant that they needed to have great slip resistant properties, and stand out from the black flooring to create a ladder effect on the staircases. This would help people to navigate the stairways, especially those with visual impairments.

There was a special request from the college which would help to attain this noticeable difference between the stair nosings and the steps: “Hot Rod Pink” tread material, to match Loughborough College colours.

The Approach

Midlands Flooring was hired as the flooring contractor for the refurb. As Hot Rod Pink is not a standard stair nosing colour, Dave Wilson from Midlands Flooring got in touch with a number of manufacturers to see if anyone could rise to the challenge.

Within 24 hours, Quantum Flooring returned its proposal for manufacturing bespoke Hot Rod Pink tread material specifically for Loughborough College. The unique stair nosing tread would be made from the same material as Quantum’s normal tread, meaning it would be slip resistant and suitable for the frequent foot traffic.

Quantum’s SR125R stair nosings were chosen to fit the tread material into. These profiles have a ramped back, to ensure that there would be no trip hazard on the staircases. They are raked back on the riser, to ensure a perfect fit on the steps. Plus, Quantum’s UTA aluminium stair edging trims were fitted, providing a safe and aesthetically pleasing finish to the side of the steps on the open string stairs.

The Outcome

Quantum ensured a fast turnaround on the stair nosings, using the QSMS free measuring service. A Quantum representative electronically measured all of the steps to their precise lengths, and sent the results to the distributor Carpet & Flooring in Birmingham for the stair nosings to be cut and drilled.

Midlands Flooring fixed the stair nosings with Q-Fix contact adhesive, ensuring a strong bond to the steps. Secret-fix was used to drill the profiles, meaning the tread material could be fitted on site, and there was no need for unsightly plugs to hide the screws in the tread. Quantum’s SR125R stair nosings with Hot Rod Pink tread material look fantastic in Loughborough College. The college was delighted with the results.

Loughborough College has a unique, on-brand stair nosing tread for its refurbished stairways. Midlands Flooring did a fantastic job on the project, and Quantum backed them up with innovation and expedience.


Q-FIX Stair Nosing Adhesive


UTA Stair Edging Trims