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The Project

Logan Hall is an auditorium at the University College London. It is a venue based in the famous 20 Bedford Way building, and is used for various events such as award ceremonies, film screenings and conferences.

Logan Hall was undergoing a refurbishment. Part of this entailed fitting Stair Nosings inside the theatre. The new profiles would have to be strong and durable, to be able to deal with the large amount of people who would be attending events at the venue.

For health and safety reasons, the new Stair Nosings would need to comply with all Building Regulations. This meant that they needed to be slip-resistant, and minimise the possibility of trips and falls. They also had to provide a clear contrast between the steps and the step edges, so that it would be easy for visitors to navigate the auditorium.

The Approach

Carters Flooring was employed as the flooring contractor for the refurbishment. Quantum Flooring Solutions was contacted by Carters Flooring to supply the Stair Nosings for the auditorium. It was decided that HF2 Stair Nosings would be the best option.

Quantum’s HF2 Stair Nosings have a thick gauge, making them ideal for steps with carpeting. They also have a double tread, increasing the area of grip compared to normal Stair Nosings. These factors would minimise the chances of slips, trips and falls.

Two different tread colours were used for the installation. Light coloured mist was used for the steps, to contrast with the dark carpet, making the step edges highly visible. Charcoal coloured material was used for the edges behind the rows of seats, to match with the carpeting.

The Outcome

Carters Flooring fitted Quantum’s HF2 Stair Nosings with ease. The two tread colours look great, and fit in perfectly with the professional style of the theatre. The mist colour makes the edges of the steps obvious, for the safety of visitors. Meanwhile, the charcoal colour blends in behind the seats while still offering enhanced grip for those walking along the rows.

Quantum’s double tread is extra safe and durable, dealing easily with the heavy footfall from the many events. This, along with the thick gauge of the profiles, means that the steps comply with all Building Regulations. The Stair Nosings help to minimise the chance of slips, trips and falls in the auditorium.

Logan Hall’s refurbishment restored the old venue, while adhering to modern health and safety standards. Quantum’s Stair Nosings help to ensure that the auditorium will be ready for the next generation.