How do you fit entrance matting?

Primary entrance matting can be installed in two different ways:

  1. In a pre-cut matwell
  2. Surface mounted with ramped edges

In both cases the matting area needs to be measured accurately, and in the case of shaped areas templates should be made (e.g. for curved edges and around pillars etc.). Dimensions and templates are sent to the manufacturer for the mat(s) to be made.

Due to the size of matting areas, most mats are supplied in sections which are positioned together on site. A ‘map’ of the layout is provided and each section is clearly marked to help identify its correct position.

For matwell mats the sections are placed in the pre-cut well in accordance with the layout guide. They are produced exact to the dimensions and templates provided, so should need no adjustment. However, minor trimming can be carried out on site if required.

For surface mounted mats, lay the mat sections out in the position required by the client. Then butt-up the ramp sections supplied with the matts to the mat edges and fix these in position with plugs and screws.



All the above can be carried out by the Contractor. However, Quantum Matting offers a complete measure, supply and fit service which includes:

This unique Quantum Matting service takes responsibility for a matting installation from start to finish, including all on site Health and Safety requirements. It provides complete peace of mind to Contractors.

For further details, please e-mail [email protected]

For more information on Quantum Flooring Entrance Matting click here.

(Note: The Quantum Matting service does not include the digging-out of new matwells. This should be done by a qualified contractor.)

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