Quantum Flooring Solutions offers a range of matting systems to suit all environments, from heavy footfall sectors such as transport infrastructure, to less hectic sites such as office buildings. An increasing number of architects are specifying Quantum entrance mattings as the primary matting system in public building projects. We believe that this is not just down to our products, but also the many services we offer throughout the construction process. Below, we outline the reasons that architects find it advantageous to use Quantum matting.

The importance of entrance matting

According to the HSE, every 5 minutes there is a slip or fall in the UK. This leads to 300,000 hospital visits each year. 90% of these slip accidents occur on wet floors, and the average cost of a claim for a slip or trip is £14,000. This is why entrance matting is a vital component of public safety.

At Quantum, we take matting extremely seriously. Effective matting systems can greatly reduce the likelihood of people being injured through slips and falls. Removing the dirt and moisture from shoes and wheels as people enter a building is the most efficient way of preventing these kind of injuries. It also has the added benefit of protecting floorcoverings from unnecessary wear and tear.

Our matting technicians offer their expertise from start to finish

Quantum Flooring has matting technicians across the UK who are happy to offer their advice on our matting systems – at the specification process, and throughout construction. They are always available for consultation, and are on hand to advise on which matting system is suitable for your project.

The QSMS free measuring service

We have site surveyors who operate throughout England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. They will visit your site to measure the matwell for any project. This measuring service is completely free, and uses electronic apparatus to ensure rapid results. Whatever the matwell design, we can measure it fully and accurately.

The Quantum Specialist Measuring Service (QSMS) takes the information from a measurement, and sends it electronically back to Quantum, and to the Flooring Contractor. A free QSMS measure will be completed within 24-48 hours of being ordered. This ensures that it saves both time and money.

Supply and fit service

If a flooring contractor doesn’t specialise in matting, then we can help out there too. On top of the QSMS measuring service, our matting technicians can also fit the matting in a project. When we said expertise from start to finish, we weren’t kidding! Again, Quantum can cater to the shape of any individual matwell. Our technicians have measured and fitted mats of all shapes and sizes.

Quantum’s simple pricing system

We know that matting can be one of the last expenditures on a project. But, this doesn’t mean that it should be an afterthought. A well fitted and maintained primary matting will prolong the life of flooring material by reducing wear and tear. This ensures that you get the greatest return on both your matting, and your floorcovering material.

If you find yourself constrained by a budget, Quantum offer an easy way to manage costs. All of Quantum’s mattings have a simple pricing system, and a 10 year warranty is available if the matting is fitted correctly. The price of the matting will not change, even if we have to fit it ourselves!

RIBA certified CPD

Quantum offers a RIBA Core Curriculum CPD specifically about matting systems, called “How to Correctly Specify Entrance Matting”. One of our matting experts gives a seminar on the importance of fitting the correct matting system for different levels of foot traffic. There is also a Q+A at the end.

We discuss the background of the rules around matting, as first outlined in BS7953, right up to the most recent updates to BS8300:2 in 2018. This covers specifying not just for safety, but accessibility for all. Our CPD also gives you a comprehensive view on Building Regulations, The Equality Act, and HSE guidelines where they apply to entrance matting.

Quantum Flooring are here to help

We have matting systems which are suitable for any project, large or small. And, we will assist you with your project in any way we can. If you would like samples of Quantum mattings, please don’t hesitate to ask. There are case studies which can be found on our website, where you will also find NBS+ specs for all of our products. Our matting systems can also be found on most specification websites.

Get in touch with Quantum today, and let us know how we can help you in your matting specification.

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