QLean products are bespoke for each client. The extruded profiles are made for clients who manufacture their own finished product. Traditionally these finished products can be used across all industry sectors. More recently the QLean service and products have found a niche as a support to all off-site building constructors; temporary, commercial and residential.


QLean’s services and products are ideally suited to offsite construction for residential buildings. The bespoke products can be extruded as needed for bigger projects, or for multiple sites, using the same specifications.


QLean supply a range of profiles which are great for offsite office construction. They are manufactured to order, making them ideal for either small or large contracts. For busy office buildings, products such as Q-Range Wide Stair Nosings are a perfect fit. These have a large tread area, making them extra safe for areas with heavy footfall. Plus, they are durable and availabl (read more...)


QLean manufactures profiles which are ideal for use in healthcare construction. They are safe and durable, while being easy to maintain and keep clean.


QLean’s products are manufactured to order, making them the ideal choice for the offsite education sector. Profiles can be produced as and when needed, in small batches for temporary classrooms or for large orders in school or university construction.


QLean products are perfectly suited to offsite construction for retail properties. They are safe and durable, making them appropriate for installations which will have lots of visitors over time.


QLean products are durable and simple to fit, making them ideal for the hotel and leisure industry. Its profiles are available in range of colours and finishes, to match the colour scheme of any installation. Products such as QLean’s LVT Transition Profiles are a great way to link between separate rooms, or between two floorcoverings in an open area. They are available i (read more...)