Q-Lean Solutions has embraced the principles of off-site construction. That is, the provision of goods to the assembly point in quantities that are needed (not more), and at the time they are needed.

The LEAN manufacturing processes of the company enable the production of goods to suit customer requirements – both in terms of quantities and time. A ‘little and often’ is the way Q-Lean Solutions can work with clients to provide a flexible and good value service.

From the bespoke requirement for an off-site profile, through the design process and tooling for a production profile, Q-Lean Solutions does it all in-house.  The result is a complete, value based and flexible service that meets the needs of a growing building market sector. 

Q-Lean offer bespoke design, tooling and supply of your own profiles. To find out more call 0161 627 4222 or email [email protected]

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