Bespoke Design

Q-Lean Solutions offers bespoke extruded profiles for the offsite building industry. An in-house design team advises on conceptual solutions and creates profile designs from client briefings. PVC, uPVC or WPC material can be used to extrude profiles that can provide neat and professional finishes to any construction; be it for the flooring, wall or ceiling.

Once the brief has identified a shape and profile that will do the job, a working technical drawing is produced. From this a sample is created from an in-house 3D printer for a client to approve. This is a cost-effective way of identifying the suitability of a profile before moving to tool-up and production quantities.

When the bespoke design, development and tooling of a client profile has been completed, Q-Lean Solutions will deliver to Offsite assembly points anywhere in the UK. The understanding of LEAN processes means that the company makes and delivers product in the quantities needed at any given time – not too much and not too little. This policy ensures that clients get what they want – when they want it – and at the best value.

From the bespoke requirement for an off-site profile, through the design process and tooling for a production profile, QLean Solutions does it all in-house. The result is a complete, value based and flexible service that meets the needs of a growing building market sector.

» Bespoke profiles taken from concept through design to production = products that are right for the job.
» In-house design, sample and tooling service = 3D samples save time and money before a commitment to production.
» Choice of materials; PVC, PCVu and WPC = colours and finishes that complement interior design schemes.
» Offsite LEAN supply chain process = less waste and product produced and delivered in the right quantities – and at the right time. To any UK Offsite location.

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