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In the modern world, sustainability is vitally important. Climate change, deforestation and waste accumulation are just some of the major environmental issues that need to be tackled by society in the coming years. Actions such as minimising energy use and recycling suitable materials can help to reduce negative impacts on the environment. By adopting and adapting best practices, we can help to make our planet more sustainable for future generations.

At Quantum Profile Systems Limited (QPSL) we take the responsibility of company sustainability very seriously. Throughout all aspects of our business we are committed to adhering to a simple maxim: Lean, Green, Safe and Clean.

We use Lean manufacturing practices, which allows QPSL to recycle almost every waste stream. Using Qwood as an example, only 0.23% of process waste from the factory ends up in landfill. The timber composite used to manufacture Qwood can be re-processed through machines in our factory, meaning that we can often re-use waste without it ever leaving the premises. Meanwhile PVC and aluminium, which make up the majority of our Quantum Flooring Solutions products, are easily recyclable in off-site facilities.

As part of our green commitment, all QPSL drivers and sales representatives are encouraged to follow certain guidelines. These include practices such as planning daily travel efficiently. This helps to minimise fuel consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Due to QPSL employees following these guidelines, 1 Litre of diesel used in 2018 resulted in a 10-fold increase in sales as compared to 2013.

Governmental Energy Performance Certificates indicate the energy efficiency of a building, from A down to G. In recent years QPSL’s premises, including our office and factory, have been upgraded from a G to a C certificate. This has been achieved through an effort to adapt our practices, for instance by tracking data on electricity use and machine runtime. We have updated equipment to more environmentally sound alternatives, such as LED lights and improved vacuum pumps. QPSL also has zero occurrences of contamination or hazardous spills over the last ten years, and each year our discharge tests are far below the permitted values.

We hope that these achievements show how sustainability is an intrinsic part of our day-to-day processes at QPSL. We are committed to making a difference, and we are constantly striving to improve our performance where we can. We set company and individual targets in order to continually improve upon our sustainability, and we are proud to be a business that puts environmental concerns at the forefront of our plans.