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SPECIFIER & Architect

Architects and specifiers can get help with cavity closer and cavity barrier selection from Dacatie Building Solutions. This is available:

– Through an on-line link to the RIBA product selector
– As data sheets with dimensioned drawings and fitting guidelines
– In a downloadable or hard copy pocket guide
– In a downloadable app
– With links to NBS Source specification and RIBA approved CPDs
– With a next day sample service

Dacatie Insulated Cavity Closers meet all current Building Regulations, that are referenced in the regulations for England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Island. They meet the requirement for the minimum path of thermal resistance of 0.45m2 KW -1 as required by the Accredited Construction Details. For SAP and SBEM calculations the default value of ψ (psi) can be used in accordance with BRE information paper IP 1/06. Dacatie Insulated Cavity Closers are BBA certified no. S258471 and are weather rated as severe. (very severe for check reveal variants).

Dacatie products are produced using LEAN processes that enhance sustainability. It has a quality and environmental management system supported by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 accreditation.  Dacatie closers are available with zero rated ODP and GWP insulation material. Dacatie offers a range of services to architects and specifiers to find out more call 0161 627 4222 or email [email protected]

NBS Source

NBS Source

Access the NBS Source Specifications for all Dacatie products here.

RIBA cavity barrier


Book or watch online our RIBA approved CPD for information on selecting the correct product for a specification.


Insulation and enviromental data for all Dacatie cavity closers, cavity barriers and DPC's

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