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The Dacatie RIBA approved CPD program offers architects, specifiers and building contractors up to date information about insulated cavity closers. Entitled ‘Close that Cavity’, the CPD explains how these products help meet current Building Regulation requirements at the cavity reveals around windows and doors. The seminar is part of the RIBA core curriculum.

Dacatie’s CPD is now available either in-office, or online.

What does this RIBA CPD cover?

– The function of a cavity closer at window and door reveals
– How they prevent water ingress and act as a thermal barrier around the reveals
– Closer insulation that can help prevent break-in and break-out fire from cavities
– All relevant Building Regulations that stipulate the requirements for cavity closers
– Environmental and Health and Safety considerations, including BREEAM and SAP
– Examples of best practice

How long is this RIBA CPD?
The seminar lasts 45-60 minutes including time for a Q and A session. As part of the RIBA core curriculum syllabus the program also earns double CPD points for those attending.

How do I book this RIBA CPD?