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Make sure your insulated cavity closer is fire rated!

All Dacatie fire rated insulated cavity closers are clearly marked with a tape indicating that the product can be a fire rated barrier, certified by BBA, and therefore meets Building Regulation B1.

Dacatie is the original brand of insulated cavity closers. The fire rated options meet Building Regulation AD: B1(2013) Dwelling Houses, and are BBA certified

Section 6:3 of the Regulation states, “Cavity barriers should be provided at the edges of cavities, including around openings (such as windows and doors) ….”  Section 6:5 says, “Every cavity barrier should be constructed to provide at least 30 minutes fire resistance and 15 minutes insulation……”

Dacatie Building Solutions offers fire rated insulated cavity closers that are approved as cavity barriers in the context of the Building Regulation Document B1 (section 6:3). They also meet the minimum requirements for resistance and insulation (section 6:5).

BBA certificate (S258471) confirms that the fire rated variants constitute a cavity barrier.

Dacatie products SFR, TFR1000 & TFR2000, DRF2000 and XFR2000 have been tested by independent Fire Research establishments for cavities between 50 and 160 mm. They also meet the thermal and weather proof requirements of Building Regulation Documents C & L.

Dacatie fire rated insulation is classed as zero for ODP and GWP.

Be sure – look for the Dacatie mark of fire rating assurance.

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