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Quantum Profile Systems Ltd. is the home of Quantum Flooring Solutions, Dacatie, QWood and QLean Solutions. All of these businesses manufacture and distribute their products from the QPSL factory and Head Office in Royston, Oldham.

Many of the products made in the QPSL factory are distributed by Q-Fleet, the company’s own delivery vans. In order to give its customers a higher standard of delivery, QPSL has expanded its transport fleet. Three brand new Q-Fleet vans are now on the road, offering greater flexibility when delivering all products manufactured by the QPSL family.

These new vans promise improved customer service. The QPSL factory is in a great location for distributing products around the country. The three new Q-Fleet vans mean that QPSL can fully utilise the road links from Oldham to the rest of the UK mainland. There will now be five vans available for deliveries, meaning that profiles from QPSL can be delivered to suppliers and construction sites much faster.

QPSL adheres to the principles of Lean manufacturing as a standard of business. The three new Q-Fleet vans, on there way for the 6th of April, offer an opportunity to improve Lean practices even more. The extra vans will help to improve the flow of products out of the factory. This will help in eliminating job queues and enabling more targeted deliveries to numerous customers at once.

The expanded Q-Fleet will minimise the need for vans to travel large distances. This targeted delivery will also reduce emissions.  The five vans can deliver to customers based closer together, reducing lots of backtracking and long detours. This will ensure that QPSL is a greener operation, which is of great importance to the company.

If you would like any more information about the new Q-Fleet vans, or have any questions about QPSL, please email [email protected].