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Quantum Flooring Solutions are able to offer a FREE safe stairways pack, perfect for hotel and leisure developments. These packs will contain all the information you’ll need to understand how to make a stairway safe, included:

– Fire safety information 

– Reducing slips, trips and falls guide

– Plus some example product selection

Why trust Quantum Flooring?

-Over 50 years’ experience 

-Compliance with high British Building Regulations 

-Proven in hotel and leisure sector 

                             Case study 1 – The Titanic Hotel 

                             Case study 2 – The Epsom Race Couse 

                             Case Study 3 – The Majestic Hotel 

Why are safe stairways important?

-Minimize trip hazards and reduce accidents

-Improve fire safety and building escape, even when lighting fails

-Compliance with the latest rules on regulations 


Who should get in contact?

-Health & Safety Offices

-Flooring contractors

-Hotel owners

-Facilities Managers 

Value Proposition

-Safe safety stairways = Minimum trip and slip risk & improved fire safety 

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