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Ref: Product Update


Dacatie Green Building Solutions continues to provide the building and construction market with a quality, cost effective and BBA certified range of insulated cavity closer products.

For many years our cavity closers have been manufactured using virgin and recycled white materials, with minor shade variations due to the supply of recycled feed stock. Cavity closers are unseen products and any variation to the visual colour of the profile does not impact on the physical use and thermal performance of the products offered.

To mitigate potential price increases to our customers the following changes will be made effective from February 2019:

– All Dacatie cavity closer profiles will be supplied in either grey or white recycled uPVC and the colour may vary from batch to batch

– The EPS insulation used in the Dacatie SF and TF ranges will be supplied in white and all Dacatie insulated cavity closers will continue to exceed the path of minimum thermal resistance requirement of 0.45m2K/W



It is important to highlight that the above changes allow Dacatie to continue the fantastic service it provides at competitive prices, and it gives greater flexibility due to ongoing material supply limitations and price fluctuations.  As an environmentally responsible supplier, this is another way in which we can improve our sustainability and utilise more recycled materials and thus reduce our impact on the environment.

We are in the process of updating all product data, literature and website information to reflect the above changes.  If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Team on 0161 627 4222, or at [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support of Dacatie.