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At Dacatie, we are always reviewing our products and making sure the information about them is up-to-date. Our aim is to be as clear as possible with Dacatie customers, allowing them to easily identify and specify the correct cavity closer or cavity barrier for each particular project.

With that in mind, Dacatie is launching a new Pocket Guide, along with new informational Wall Boards for sales outlets. These are easy to read and understand, supplying customers with concise and direct information on the full range of Dacatie profiles.

Dacatie products which are compliant with the most recent version of Part B, which covers Fire Regulations, are highlighted with the Dacatie fire icon. This helps our customers to be safe in the knowledge that they are choosing the right profile for the job.

To download the new Dacatie Pocket Guide, click here. To download the Dacatie A1 Wall Board, click here. To order print copies of either, or for any further information, email [email protected].