It depends on specific building regulation requirements, the intended use, and height of the building. In general, a fire-rated cavity closer may be required in certain types of buildings or construction in order to provide a barrier to the spread of fire.

A fire-rated cavity closer is a device that is used to seal the gap between the inner and outer leaves of a wall in a building with a cavity construction. It is typically made of a fire-resistant material, such as a mineral fiber board, and is designed to prevent the spread of fire through the cavity by blocking the flow of flames and smoke.

If you are building a new structure, you will need to check the building regulation to determine the specific requirements for fire-rated cavity closers in your area. If you are renovating an existing building, you will need to determine whether the existing cavity closers are sufficient or whether they need to be replaced with fire-rated ones.

In general, buildings that are required to have fire-rated cavity closers include those that are used for public assembly, such as theaters, restaurants, and schools, and those that are used for residential purposes, such as apartments. Other buildings that may require fire-rated cavity closers include hospitals, hotels, and office buildings.

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