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At Dacatie, we take certification and testing extremely seriously. We see it as our responsibility to maintain rigorous quality checks in manufacturing, to ensure the safety of the end users of our products. It is important that Dacatie continues to lead the market, both through innovations in product design, and by utilising independent certification bodies which confirm compliance with all active building and fire regulations.


Dacatie has chosen to use the British Board of Agrément (BBA) for many years. This is due to its authoritative review of product performance. The BBA product accreditation process is recognised throughout the construction industry as a mark of quality and safety. A BBA certificate guarantees that a profile has been rigorously inspected and tested, and has achieved all relevant industry benchmarks.


For all certificate renewals since 2018, the BBA has updated its certification process for fire rated products. This means that profiles are now held to a higher standard in terms of safety and durability than ever before. Dacatie is proud to be the first cavity closer manufacturer to achieve these higher standards of certification for fire rated products from the BBA.


All of our products are routinely put forward for certified testing to ensure that the quality of our output is maintained. The full range of Dacatie BBA certified fire rated cavity closers can be found at

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